Publications of SA-GER Members

Publications of SA-GER CDR Members

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Name Publication Year
Karriem, A.The Role of Urban Agriculture Policy in Promoting Food Security in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe (with M. Ziga). In Brears, R.C. (ed), Palgrave Encyclopedia of Urban and Regional Futures. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.
Karriem, A.Peace: Its Indices and Implications for Swaraj (with S. Suffla, and M. Seedat). In K. B. Saxena (ed.), Swaraj and the Reluctant State. Routledge: London. (A 2010 journal article republished as a chapter in an edited book)2021
May, J.Food and nutrition security policies in Africa. In: Onyango, G. (ed.) Routledge Handbook of Public Policy in Africa. Routledge: London, pp. 477-487.2021
Niklas, B.Pricing Models for German Wine: Hedonic Regression vs. Machine Learning (with Wolfram Rinke). Forthcoming in Journal of Wine Economics, 16. (DOI:
Niklas, B.Consumer preferences for Certified Wines in France: A Comparison of Sustainable Labels (with Adeline Alonso Ugaglia, Wolfram Rinke, Dan Moscovici, Jeff Gow, Lionel Valenzuela, Radu Mihailescu). Wine Economics and Policy 10(2): 75-86.
Niklas, B. Business Cycles and Alcohol Consumption: Evidence form a Nonlinear Panel ARDL Approach (with Elkhan R. Sadik-Zada). Journal of Wine Economics, 16(4), 1-10.
Okbandrias, M.An Interrogation of the Adequacy of New Public Management in Effective Social Service Delivery: the case of Mutare city council, Zimbabwe (with Fungurai, P. N.). Administratio Publica 28 (4), 76-95.2021
Sadik-Zada, E. R.Business Cycle and Alcohol Consumption: Evidence from a Nonlinear ARDL (with Britta Niklas). Journal of Wine Economics 14(6), 429-438.2021
Sadik-Zada, E. R.Governance matters. Fieldwork analysis of participatory budgeting, voting, and development from Campania, Italy. Journal of Public Affairs.2021
Sadik-Zada, E. R.Political Economy of Green Hydrogen Rollout: A Global Perspective, Sustainability 2021, 13(23), 13464.2021
Sadik-Zada, E. R.An Ode to ODA against all Odds? A Novel Game-Theoretical and Empirical Reappraisal of Terrorism-Aid Nexus. Atlantic Economic Journal 49: 221-240.2021
Sadik-Zada, E. R.An extensive data set on energy, economy, environmental pollution, and institutional quality in the petroleum-reliant developing and transition economies (with Wilhelm Loewenstein and Andrea Gatto), Data in Brief, Volume 35, April 2021, 106766.2021
Sadik-Zada, E. R.What Drives Public Debt Growth? A Focus on Natural Resources, Sustainability, and Development. International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy 11(5): 614-621.2021
Sadik-Zada, E. R.The Puzzle of Greenhouse Gas Footprints of Oil Abundance. (with Andrea Gatto). Socio-Economic Planning Sciences, 75, 100936.2021
Sadik-Zada, E. R.Rural Electrification and Transition to Clean Cooking: The Case Study of Kanyegaramire and Kyamugarura Solar Mini-Grid Energy Cooperatives in the Kyenjojo District of Uganda (with Andrea Gatto and Nuwe Blick). In: W. Leal Filho et al. (eds.). Sustainable Policies and Practices in Energy, Environment and Health Research, pp 547-562. World Sustainability Series.2021
Sadik-Zada, E. R.Revisiting the East Asian Financial Crises: Lessons from Ethics and Development Patterns. In: Shahbaz, M., Soliman, A., Ullah, S. (eds.). Economic Growth and Financial Development. Springer Cham.2021
Seeger, C.Trust and Consumers’ Willingness to Pay for Safe and Certified Safe Vegetables in West African Cities: A Comparative Analysis of Tamale, Ouagadougou, Bamenda and Tamale. UA Ruhr Studies on Development and Global Governance, 74. Logos, Berlin.2021
Siebert, A.Food and nutrition security policies in Africa (with May, J.). In: Onyango, G. (ed.) Routledge Handbook of Public Policy in Africa. Routledge: London, pp. 477-487. 2021
Conradie, I.Transforming social protection to strengthen child nutrition security (with Hall K & Devereux, S). In May, J, Witten, C & Lake, L (eds.) South African Child Gauge 2020. Children’s Institute, University of Cape Town. za/sites/default/files/image_tool/images/367/Child_Gauge/South_African_Child_Gauge_2020/CG2020_ch82020
Conradie, I.Sosiale weerbaarheid, strukturele kwesbaarheid en instaatstellende geleenthede in Genadendal, Suid-Afrika (with Human-Diedericks, A. & Roman, N.). Tydskrif vir Geesteswetenskappe, Maart 2020, Vol. 60 Nr. 1: 164-181. za/xmlui/bitstream/handle/10566/5260/ContentServer%20%281%29.pdf?sequence=1&isAllowed=y2020

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