MA Theses

MA Theses


Chimezie Vivien Anajama (2022): Cash transfer and food security of the urban poor: A case study of the Household Uplifting Programme in Calabar, Nigeria. [MADM thesis, unpublished]

Theophilus Saah Kiah (2022): Assessing the Level of Citizen Participation in Local Development: A Case of Kollie-Dede Town School Project, Funded with the County Social Development Fund, Gibi District, Margibi County, Liberia. [MADM thesis, unpublished]

Eric Nordjo (2022): Assessing Quality Participation in Business Development Services: A case study of the Rural Enterprises Programme in the West Akim Municipality, Ghana. [MADM thesis, unpublished]

Ronald Ssegujja Ssekandi (2022): Community participation in the extractive industries: A case study of the CNOOC Kingfisher oil Project in Buhuka Parish, Uganda. [MADM thesis, unpublished]


Melissa Dlamini (2021): Why variations in breastfeeding rates in rural and urban South Africa: a case of Valencia and White River, Mpumalanga. [MA Dev St thesis, available for download]

Langton Moyo (2021): Local government as enabler of local economic development. A case study of the Bulawayo City Council, Zimbabwe [M Admin thesis, available for download]

Kumbula Koliseka Xego (2021): Collective action among female street traders: A case study of a street trader organisation in the City of Cape Town. [MA Dev St thesis, available for download]


Stanley Egenti (2020): Development Impact of Agricultural Projects on Smallholder Farmers: A Case Study From the Fadama III Project in Nigeria [MA Dev St thesis, available for download]

Phillip Nyasha Fungurai (2020): An interrogation of the adequacy of New Public Management in effective social service delivery Case of Mutare City Council, Zimbabwe [M Admin theis, available for download]

Boniswa Gelese (2020): A conceptual clarification of the definition of resilience: An African perspective in Gugulethu Township, Cape Town, [MA Dev St thesis, available for download]


Macmillan Ahmed Bonomali (2019):Evaluating the Impacts of Social Cash Transfer Programme on Poverty Reduction in Malawi. [MADM thesis, unpublished]

Melissa Dlamini (2019): Assessing the role of breastfeeding campaigns in addressing the low rates of breastfeeding in marginalized areas of South Africa: A case study of the Grow Great Flourish program in Soweto, Johannesburg. [MADM thesis, unpublished]

Stanley Egenti (2019): Impact of Agricultural Development Projects on the Livelihood of Smallholder Farmers: A case study from the Fadama III project in Ebonyi state, Nigeria, [MADM thesis, unpublished]

Phillip Nyasha Fungurai (2019): An interrogation of civic participation in promoting social accountability. The Case of Mutare City Council, Zimbabwe, [MADM thesis, unpublished]

Faisal Haginour (2019):The Challenges of Tax Administration in Somaliland Ministry of Finance: A Critical Analysis of Institutional Perspective [MPA thesis, available for download]

Langton Moyo (2019): Urban informality in Zimbabwe. Survival strategies of street traders in the Bulawayo Metropolitan Area [MADM thesis, unpublished]

Joy Muthanje Mwaniki (2019): Analysing the Role of Innovation Hubs in Inclusion: A Study of Innovation Hubs and Women in Kigali, Rwanda [MADM thesis, unpublished]

Martha Nababi (2019): The Development Aid Impact on Maternal Health in Uganda. A Case Study of the Uganda Health Systems Strengthening Project (UHSSP), [MADM thesis, unpublished]

Patience Teiko Ogbordjor (2019): Exploring the livelihood outcomes of women in Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining (ASM) in Ghana. A case of Wassa Amenfi East Municipality, [MADM thesis, unpublished]

Deidree Dianne Schippers (2019): Unlocking human agency through youth development programmes: An exploratory study of a selected NGO working in youth development on the Cape Flats, [MA Dev St thesis, available for download]

Kumbula Koliseka Xego (2019): Women in the urban informal sector: exploring the livelihoods of female street traders in the Cape Town CBD. [MADM thesis, unpublished]


Joy Muthanje Mwaniki (2018): The impact of social enterprise on labor market structure: A case study of social enterprises in Nairobi [MA Dev St thesis, available for download]

Dorcas Okyere (2018): Economic and social survival strategies of migrants in Southern Africa: A case study of Ghanaian migrants in Johannesburg, South Africa, [MA Dev St thesis, available for download]

Linice Sanga (2018): A mixed method assessment of the association between young mothers' education attainment and child malnutrition in rural Malawi, [MA Dev St thesis, available for download]

Metron Ziga (2018): Home-based agricultural production as a food security coping strategy for urban households: A case of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. [MA Dev St thesis, available for download]


Evans Sakyi Boadu [MPA] (2017): Rethinking youth participation in monitoring and evaluation. The case of Local Enterprise and Skills Development Programme (LESDEP).

Phoene Oware [MA Dev St] (2017): The role of informal social security arrangements in providing social protection: A case study of women self-help groups in Kabras Location, Kakamega County (Kenya).

Muriel Adarkwa [MA Dev St] (2017): The countercyclical nature of remittances: A case study of the 2009 global financial crisis in Cameroon, Cape Verde, Nigeria and Senegal.

Alex Boakye [MADM] (2017): Assessing the Impact of School-Based HIV/AIDS Prevention Programmes on Adolescent Grils in Ghana.

Siphatise Dyongo [MA Dev St, MADM] (2017): An investigation of the role of social capital in the determination of participation in high risk informal financial services.

Ken Ikebuako [MA Dev St] (2017): Expanding Entrepreneurial Capabilities Through Business Incubators: A Case Study Of The iDea Hub Nigeria.

Christopher Katete [MA Dev St] (2017): Social capital and community-led management of rural water schemes: Evidence from Mulundu Community Managed Water Scheme in Luapula Province of Zambia.

Ojonwa Deborah Miachi [MADM] (2017): Investigating the Impact of Conditional Cash Transfers on Girl's Education. A Case Study of the Keeping Girls in School Programme in the Chikwawa District of Malawi.

Linda Eva Ouma [MADM] (2017): Impact of Agricultural Microfinance on Household Maize Output and Food Availability for Smallholder Farmers in Dodoma. A case study from BRAC Maendeleo Tanzania.

Tiratu Belay Tombe [MADM] (2017): Analysis of Factors Affecting Land Productivity in the Central Rift Valley of Ethiopia. The Case of Smallholder Farmers in Negelle Arsi Woreda.


Workineh Kassie [MADM] (2016): Determinants of Smallholder Productivity and Output Growth: Empirical Evidence from Ethiopia.

Scolastica Ntoyanto [MPA] (2016): An investigation of the effectiveness of the National Youth Development Agency monitoring and evaluation framework.

Sampson Osei [MA Dev St, MADM] (2016): MADM (2015): Assessing Climate Change Adaptation Mechanisms Among Smallholder Farmers in the Central Region of Ghana.
MA Dev St: Social capital and climate change adaptation strategies : the case of smallholder farmers in the Central region of Ghana.

Collins Yeboah [MA Dev St, MADM] (2016): MADM (2013): Community-Based Ecotourism as a Means of Poverty Reduction: A Case of Boabeng-Fiema Monkey's Sanctuary, Ghana.
MADevSt: Internal migration, remittances and welfare impacts: a case study in Dormaa Municipality, Ghana.


Natnael Alemu Beyene [MADM] (2015): Assessing the Impact of Agricultural Technology Adoption on Agricultural Productivity and Income. A Case Study of Improved Teff Variety Adoption from Kobo Woreda in North Eastern Ethiopia.

Gweze John Jere [MA Dev St] (2015): Assessing the role of youth civic engagement in promoting social change : a critical investigation of ILISO in site C, Khayelitsha.

Elizabeth Kiamba [MADM] (2015): An Evaluation of the Role of Mobile Banking Adoption in Financial Inclusion within Microfinance Institutions. A Case Study of Musoni Microfinance in Machakos County in Kenya.

Grace Nkomo [MA Dev St] (2015): Fish in the life of Kalk Bay – Examining how fisheries policies are affecting the access to fish for the food security of the fishing community of Kalk Bay.

Mamuli Proscovia [MADM] (2015): Family Planning in Mukono District, Uganda – Knowledge, Perception and Determinants of contraceptive Usage.


Joyce Marangu [MA Dev St, MADM] (2014): MADM (2013): Impact of School Health Promotion on Human Capital: An Evaluation of the Children’s Health Programme (CHEP) in Kiambu, Kenya.
MA DevSt: Social protection policy in promoting human development outcomes: the cash transfer programme for orphans and vulnerable children in Kiambu, Kenya.

Clement Mensah [MADM, MA Dev St] (2014): MADM (2013): Evaluating the Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Poverty Reduction: A Case Study of the Cadbury Cocoa Partnership Initiative in the Mpohor Wassa East District of Ghana. MA DevSt: The impact of livelihood diversification on food Security amongst farm households in northern Ghana: a case study of bole district.

Davison Muchadenyika [MADM, MPA] (2014): MADM (2013): Rethinking the Role of the State in Development: Assessing the Performance of Multi-Donor Trust Funds. The Case of the Zimbabwe Multi-Donor Trust Fund (Zim-Fund).
MPA: Contestation, confusion and change: urban governance and service delivery in Zimbabwe (2000-2012).

Themba Nyasulu [MA Dev St] (2014): Assessing the impact of exports and imports on economic growth: a case study of Malawi from 1970 to 2010.

Tadesse Wurku Seyfe (2014): Assessing the Impact of Government grants on Poverty and Inequality: a Microsimulation Study in South African [MA Dev St thesis, unpublished]


Geletsu [MA Dev St] (2013): Women’s representation in Parliament: The role of party women’s wings in Ghana.

Kabwe [MPA] (2013): Health Policy and Agenda Setting in Contemporary Zambia: the human resources for health strategic plan (2006-2010).

Milensu Kapaipi [MADM] (2013): Understanding Vocational Education and Training in Zambia.

Mabotja [MA Dev St, MADM] (2013): The Impact of Decentralization on Human Development: Decentralization as a Developmental Policy and its Impacts on Local Service Delivery - The Case of Primary Health Care Services in Polokwane Municipality.

Malilwe [MADM] (2013): Impact of School Health Promotion on Human Capital: An Evaluation of the Children’s Health Programme (CHEP) in Kiambu, Kenya.

Mariga [MA Dev St] (2013): An appraisal of participatory monitoring and evaluation in government community development initiatives : a case study of Tana and Athi River Development Authority (TARDA), Kenya.

Mavindidze [MA Dev St] (2013): The contribution of renewable energy technologies to sustainable community development in Rusitu Valley, Zimbabwe.

Sambu [MA Dev St, MADM] (2013): MADM: Assessing the Impact of Government Micro-loans amongst Group Borrowers: The Case of the Women Enterprise Fund in Nakuru, Kenya.
MADevSt: Household food security and the anthropometric status of children under five: evidence from the Kenya integrated household budget survey (2005/2006).

Frezer Tilahun Tefera (2013): MADM: Assessing the Impact of Microfinance for Rural Poverty Reduction: A Case Study of Omo Microfinance Institution in Sodo Zuria Woreda, Ethiopia. [MADM thesis, unpublished]

Tadesse Wurku Seyfe (2013): Cost-Benefit Analysis of Small-Scale Irrigation from Smallholder Farmers Perspective: A Case Study from Humbo District in Southern Ethiopia [MADM thesis, unpublished]


Callistus Agbaam [MA Dev St, MADM] (2012): MADM (2011): Explaining the Demand for Mutual Health Insurance: A Case Study of the Tolon-Kumbungu District Mutual Health Insurance Scheme in Northern Ghana.
MA DevSt: Assessing the impact of the livelihood empowerment against poverty (leap) social grant programme on household poverty reduction in rural Ghana: a case study of the Tolon-Kumbungu district in northern Ghana.

Haile Gebrekidan [MA Dev St, MADM] (2012): MADM (2011): Assessing the Impact of Access to Small Scale Irrigation Infrastructure on Farm Household's Agricultural Productivity and Poverty: A Case Study From Gorogutu District In Eastern Ethiopia.
MA DevSt: Access to irrigation technology and technical efficiency: a comparison of households with and without access to irrigation technology, in ‘Gorogutu district’, Eastern Ethiopia.

Janine Carol Lange [MA Dev St] (2012): Ecotourism as a catalyst for promoting local economic development: an evaluation of the developmental impacts of Bulungula Lodge in Nqileni, Eastern Cape.

Luwabelwa [MA Dev St] (2012): The influence of community participation on water provision: a case study of Chazanga settlement in Lusaka.

Mercy Mwaura [MA Dev St] (2012): Community-based social healing approaches in South Africa: a case study of the Institute for Healing of Memories.


Damba [MADM] (2011): The Impact of the Humanitarian Accountability Partnership (HAP) Framework on Beneficiary Participation in Aid Projects: A Case Study of a Humanitarian Aid Project in Zimbabwe.

Khan [MPA, MADM] (2011): MADM: Governance Structure and Public Policy Effectiveness: The Case of Black Economic Empowerment Enterprise Development Policy in Cape Town, South Africa.

Gavelet Chimango Mzembe [MADM] (2011): Measuring Cost Effectiveness of Antiretroviral Therapy Service Delivery in Public, Private for Profit and Non-Profit Making Health Facilities: A Case Study of Health Facilities in the Cities of Mzuzu, Lilongwe, Zomba and Blantyre in Malawi.

Godlove Ngek Chifon [MA Dev St] (2009): The role of sustainable tourism in poverty alleviation in South Africa : a case study of the Spier tourism initiative.

Darlington Sibanda [MA Dev St] (2011): The role of community participation in development initiatives: the case of the danga ecological sanitation project in the Zvishavane district, Zimbabwe.

Annuschka Williams [MA Dev St] (2011): Exploring participatory monitoring and evaluation at Elgin Learning Foundation.

Heinrich Gerwel [MA Dev St] (2010): The effects of labour policies in the Piedmont Region of Italy on equity in the labour market: reflections on women in Labour.

Renee Hector-Kannemeyer [MA Dev St] (2010): Current manifestation of trauma experienced during forced removals under apartheid: interviews with a former "Vlakte" inhabitant.

Ng’ang’a Kibandi [MA Dev St] (2010): Exploring the potential of mobile banking as a sustainable livelihoods tool: A case study of M-PESA in Muranga Town.

Frank Akampa [MADM] (2009): Impact of Community Participation in Ecotourism Projects on Income Generation: A Case Study of BINP and the Parishes of Mukono and Kyeshero, Kayonza Sub County, Kanungu District – Uganda.

Isaac Bayor [MADM, MPA] (2009): MADM: The Influence of Community Participation on the Benefits of Development Projects: A Case Study of the Community Based Empowerment Project in Ghana.
MPA: Community Participation in Poverty Reduction Interventions: Examiningthe Factors that impact on the Community-Based Organisation (CBO) Empowerment Project in Ghana.

Rumbidzai Francisca Chin‘anga [MADM] (2009): Assessing the Impact of the Maputo Corridor Toll Road as a Pro Poor Development Intervention in Mpumalanga, South Africa.

Stanley Enga Awaseh [MADM] (2009): The Influence of Microfinance on Community Development: A case study from the Buea community in Cameroon.

John Haguma [MA Dev St] (2009): Is a universal income grant an appropriate social policy to alleviate poverty in Rwanda?.

Emmanuel Liwimbi [MADM] (2009): The Influence of Political Parties on Legislative Representation Gap in Malawi.

Felix Lombe [MA Dev St] (2009): Challenges of land conflict negotiation in Mulanje District of Malawi.

Boniphace Makene [MPA] (2009): The role of e-government in effective service delivery: a case study of Tanzania electric supply company limited (tanesco).

Austin Ngindi [MADM] (2009): Microfinance and Productivity: Does Access to Microfinance have an Impact on the Productivity Levels of SMEs: A Case of Small-scale Metal Fabricators in Mucheke Light Industry, Masvingo city, Zimbabwe.

Priscilla Sani-Chimwele [MADM] (2009): Factors that Hinder and Affect the level of Parental Participation in the Education of their Children in Secondary School: A Case Study of Lilongwe Schools, Malawi.

Hugot Ngoy Tshambe [MPA] (2009): The challenge of cooperative government and its implications for the financial and fiscal management systems in South Africa.