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New scholarship holders at our Centre!

We want tGruppe_5-2011o welcome six new scholarship holders at the Development Research Section of our Centre at the University of the Western Cape. Whereas Coretta Jonah and Eria Serwajja are taking part in our phd programme, Grace Geletsu, Erik Mariga and Zororo Mavindidze are studying the MA in Development Studies and Kabaso Kabwe is studying the MA in Public Administration.

Deadline for applicants from Sub-Sahara Africa expired!

The application deadline for Scholarships for the MA and M Econ in Development Studies, for the MA in Public Administration and for the PhD already expired.

DAAD Student receives Masters Award!

kennedyKennedy Alatinga, one of our DAAD students, received a Masters Award at the "Dean's Honours Award Event" on Thursday, 14 April 2011, at the University of the Western Cape. The award is given to students with an excellent performance. Kennedy Alatinga graduated from the MPA programme with a Cum Laude degree. Congratulations!